Business Branding Tips- 8 Ways to Take your Brand Global

Learn How to Take your Brand Global and get International Level Identification for your Brand.

With the technological advancement everything has become so fast. The messages, information spreads in seconds and everyone is so easily reachable.

Today every business/startup wish to go global at some point of time reason being they can interact to people around the world, talk to them, tell them about their brand, products/services, handle their queries and what not.

Now, what can be done to take your brand global, how can you make place for your brand in a different country, different culture, how can you stand out, that’s the discussion all about.

Here’s bringing to you 8 ways which will help you in taking your brand global:-


Tips on how to Take your Brand Global International
Best Ways to Take your Brand Global


1- Research


The initial step you  need to take before anything else is research. Know the market trends, the competition, customer behaviour and what will set your brand above all the others existing.

This can be done with the help of surveys, consultants and other sources that can help you in getting the information you require before launching your brand globally. Moreover your focus lie on finding the most favourable, responsive and welcoming market.

Don’t go according to the region’s population as they may also have large number of competitors too. Think logically after doing your research & take calculated risk.


2- Set Norms

Planning is vital part of any business and is the first stage. Make sure the word ‘Global’ is firmly fixed in your organization’s culture right from the very start. ‘Think Global’ should be the belief imbibed by all in the company/business.

No matter if initially your focus and target is on the domestic markets but in future you can feel the need to go international. Therefore, secure international domains to your company name in whichever market you think you would like to enter or have target audience.

Planning needs to be done from the beginning. As your business/brand grows, a blueprint of what next level to attain must be there to help you move accordingly. Norming stage comes before performing so ‘global norming’ should be the key focus to grow your brand.

3- Positioning

Important Criteria to Choose the right markets to sell your products

To create your brand’s position in the market you need to research about the customers, their buying habits, culture & customs, language etc in the market you have chosen.

You have to understand the competition there. Who all are providing the same products/ services as you in the country. Formulate strategies according to the market your enter in.

Understand the customers and their buying patterns there and how can you stand unique to them amidst your competitors to position yourself for success.

4- Brand Naming & Translation

Brand is what will represent you in the market. Your customers will know you by your brand. The name should be such that it doesn’t hurt the sentiments of people belonging to any region, country in the world.

Also do consider the translation of the brand name because the name may have a different meaning in some other language.

Taking example of smartphone ‘LUMIA’, Nokia’s new smartphone translates in Spanish slang to prostitute, which is unfortunate.

There are various options to choose from when deciding a good brand name:-


  • Use the founder or inventor’s name (Hewlett-Packard)
  • Describe what you do (Southwest Airlines)
  • Describe an experience or image (Sprint)
  • Take a word out of context (Apple) “named after one of steve jobs’s fruitarian diets”
  • Make up a word ( Google ) the full form of which is ” Global Organization Of Oriented Group Language Of Earth”


5- Marketing Uniformity

When you’re building a global brand, sooner or later you will need to open your office internationally. It maybe 2-3 person office in any say Canada, UK or any other country. Later the 3 people office would grow to a team of 6-8 people and later even more.

Now similarly, with the passage of time you would open more hubs in different countries and there you go global. But make sure there is consistency with regard to your brand.

Although your marketing activities, marketing campaigns will be managed locally but there should be consistency across the board in all your offices because in order to be a successful global brand, the separate entities of a company should work together as a unit.


6- Sensitivity Towards Others Cultures

Do not ever offend your potential customers. Before launching your brand globally every little thing needs to be considered. The logo, symbol,colors, brand name, its translation and other things must be such that it doesn’t lead to any negative impact on prospects.

Every culture is different from the other. Perception is different, views differ, language difference is there. What mean good in your language might have negative or offensive meaning in other language. Be sensitive towards others cultures where you enter.


7- Proficient Partners

People you would require to work with to grow your brand must be chosen wisely. Trademarks, patents, licensing and more. Make sure you select the representatives who are reputed in their area of work so that they cannot mislead you or misuse your name.
Take recommendations from your colleagues and organizations that provides information on these and their image.


8- Be Responsive

Answer queries through your website, moreover be active on social media as it keeps you connected with your customers and help you grow your network of customers. Respond to inquiries and provide outstanding customer service.

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