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14 Sales Tips for Sellers – DO’s and Don’ts of Selling

Keep These 7 Do’s and 7 Don’ts of Selling in Mind if you Wish to Master the Art of Selling.

What Every Sales Person Should Know : DO’s and Don’ts of Selling


Selling is an art. It requires a lot of skills to persuade people to buy the product. It is quite a tricky task, therefore there are certain do’s and don’ts of selling which one needs to feed in mind when dealing with the clients/ prospects.11 Mistakes a seller must never Commit
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What Every Seller Should Know-DOs and Donts of Selling
Do’s and Don’ts of Selling- Tips for Sellers 

14 Must Follow Tips for Every Seller irrespective of their Industry and Business Domain

Here they are as follows, Take a look!

7 Don’ts of Selling



#1- Don’t disrespect your Prospects

Talk politely and without creating any confusion and disturbance over the call.

Playing loud music in background, talking to others while on phone, mumbling etc are all signs of bad behavior when you are on a telephone call.

Therefore you should not do it as you can lose the customer.

Don’t ever have a poor telephone conversation.

#2- Don’t Sound Negative



If things are not going as desired, do not take it negatively.

Do not let one time failure hamper your overall performance.

It might happen that ones or twice cold calling might not work for you then in such case do not give up.

Take it as a learning experience focus on how to make things better and increase the effectiveness.


#3- No Inappropriate Discussion


Avoid getting too personal with your prospects as they may not like it. Also don’t try to talk politics.

Make them feel comfortable talking to you.

Do not try to cross the line and ask personal questions which can lead to your bad image in the minds of the prospects.


#4- Never Argue


Be honest and smart with your words. Do not unnecessarily try to prove yourself knowledgeable about certain aspects or things you have no idea about.

Claiming to know things that you actually don’t know about would damage the trust your prospects might be showing towards you and lead to argument later.

Avoid that. When you don’t know something, tell them in a pleasant way. Your honesty will get appreciated. Do not try to fit in where you can’t.


#5- Don’t Rely on Single Communication Medium


People have different preferences for things.

Talking about communication medium then some people prefer calls, some emails, some social network and so on.

Therefore, you must not rely only on just any one source like phone rather be creative in your approach and reach out to the prospects in unique ways using social media channels and other networks where there chances of availability & responsiveness is more.

#6- Don’t Ask Irrelevant Questions


Don’t be stupid when it comes to asking questions.

Avoid asking questions on the information you can find on website as this will affect your image and reputation.

Sensible questions on relevant stuff must be asked.

#7- Never Stop Prospecting

Do not get overconfident and too comfortable if you have a good client base.

In order to be stable for long time constantly hunt for bringing in the new customers which can help you grow your business while retaining the present lot.

Keep on looking for new prospects to grow bigger and better and not sit back in too much comfort thinking you have enough to run your business smoothly.

7 Do’s of Selling

1- Aim For The Target Audience

Be focused on your target audience without wasting efforts in chasing the inappropriate audience.

If at first the sales person discovers the prospects as the one not good, that should not be contacted as it will be unnecessary waste of time.

Contact only the appropriate prospects after all the research and homework.
Make your every effort count.

#2- Be Proactive & Be Prepared


Be clear as to what you want to achieve and then figure out the ways to achieve it.

Be Prepared As to: 


  • How you are going to handle the customer,
  • What question they might come up with,
  • What solutions you can provide to them,
  • How you will explain,
  • What problems you might encounter while facing them,
  • What description you will give about yourself and much more.

Plan everything in advance and be proactive.

3- Ask Questions

Asking questions makes you understand each other properly

Questions that leave an impact on your clients and make them think can do wonders for you. This can be the image booster tool for you and will help in retaining the client.

Asking relevant and suitable questions from your potential customers brings many positive things into the picture. You become successful in creating a certain image in your potential customers mind.
A beautiful image! This image which is created by you.But, be aware and thoughtful of what types of questions to ask. Make sure if the other person is willing or not to here so  many questions. Judge the situation and know when is the appropriate time to stop asking questions. 

#4- Be A Good Listener


Often it is seen that the sales representatives have a tendency to talk more. The customers gets annoyed and irritated with this thing and you lose them.

The best suggested rule is that sales representatives should spend 20% time in talking and 80% time in listening to their prospects.

Give your prospects enough space and chance to express their views.

#5- Stand Out From Others

Try to be different from your competitors.

Look out for ways that makes you stand out from your competitors, that makes you unique in the eyes of the prospects.

Deliver value to them and strive to become their first preference over the competitors.

#6- Be Honest


Be truthful with the good as well as the bad news.

You cannot keep your prospects in doubt or confused situation.

Make things clear to them without misleading them.

Be it price or additional fees, be true to your prospects.

Honesty goes long way as they say.

7- Empathize


Think from the point of view of your prospects.

Keep yourself at their place and think from their perspective as to how you would react to certain things as a prospect?

What challenges you may face? and likewise.

Put yourself in their shoes and plan things that gives them maximum satisfaction.

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