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What are 10 Most Used Free Methods of Online Advertising and Marketing

How to Promote a Business with Online Advertising and Marketing?

10 Free Ways to advertise and Market a Business Online with advertising & Internet marketing.

How to Promote your business website on the Internet? 10 Best ways to get free search Engine traffic & Online visibility of your business website. Free Website submission & Internet Marketing methods to Grow your website or blog on the Internet.



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Two major methods to advertise online- More than 80% of the people who make online queries use Google Searches. So, to get your business or company to be found by your potential customers, you will have to take the Google route.


Well, you could get your business in Google Searches easily with these two methods-

#1 Organic Google searches.
#2 Paid Google Searches (via PPC).


Mostly, the traffic growing methods mentioned here use Ways of “website submission” “SEO”, and “Internet marketing”.





Top 10 Free Ways of Online Advertising and Marketing 


10 Best methods to drive traffic to your business or company website through website submission, referral & Google search traffic.



Promote your business using the 10 methods of Internet-Marketing




#1. Online ad posting (classified advertising ) 

Post free online ads on classifieds websites and get free referral traffic directly to your website. This is the very basic method to promote or advertise a business online now-a-days. In this method your business website may not get links from all of the sites you put your ads on. But, there are several good advertising sites that accept links whenever applicable.


#2- Add your business Listing 

Submit your business to free business submission directories in order to rank in local searches. (directory submission). This is the second most common and popular ways to increase online reputation and visibility score of your biz portal.



#3- Search Engine Submission (SEM)


Adding your website to search engines is the crucial step in search engine marketing. It tells most of the major search engines about your content and that is when various search engines include your website in their indexing to show that in search result pages for the queries related to your site.

So, dont forget to submit your website to all the major search engines. It is a free process and takes no time.  Add your website url to best search engines in order to include your website in various major search engines on the Internet (search engine submission).



#4- Online Forum marketing

Use forum posting to drive referral traffic back to your content. Use your website in your forum-signatures. Find here a list of 50 Best Business Forums (forum advertising).



#5. Submit Business Press Release

Submit press release articles about your business or company to Free Press Release (FPR) websites (website submission). You get free traffic, and high quality backlinks to your website. To do so, get here a list of the most popular FPR sites on the Internet by clicking the below given link.


Press release Sites



#6- Make Use of eMail Marketing

email marketing plays a pivotal role in a business or website promotion. No need to talk about how important or crucial email marketing is for getting dedicated leads and sales. If you are new to it, learn it from a step by step guide on email marketing.

Use email signature in every email ids that you created for your business, website or company. (part of email marketing).


#7- Design Fan Pages on Major Social Media Platforms

Create social media fan page accounts of your business on at least 10 best of social networking websites, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, GooglePlus, Myspace, etc. (part of social media marketing).


This way you generate high social signals for your content and this again helps in search engine rankings too. Search engines rely heavily on the social presence of any content. 



#8- Content marketing

Make full use of content based marketing for your website or business in order to drive traffic and leads.


Distribute free content via blogging- Create a brand new blog to promote your company or business and start deliver useful content. This is a great tool for inbound content marketing. 


Build a list of email subscriber through your business blog and send them occasional emails promoting your new services or products.(Internet marketing). This article will help you to building a robust mailing list of subscribers

Google Plus Marketing Tips for Website Owners.

#9- Article Submission

Submit or publish articles relevant to your business services on article directory sites (and always include the url of your business/ company website or blog). Submit your business over 100 International Directory Listing Free Sites.

article marketing:


Article submission is a great way to provide a website the much needed stability and Integrity along with online reputation. By submitting quality articles with a few backlinks pointing to your own site, you can easily improve search engine traffic and Google Page Rank (PR) of your business website.


Find here a list of Instant Approval Article Directories.

Online Promotion Ideas for Marketing a Business.


#10- Promote your content over document submission sites


Create some useful documents, brochures for your business and share them free on these 30 best document sharing websites. They are caller document or PDF uploading sites.

This will help your business to get promoted before millions of registered members + guest users on these popular media sharing sites.(Document submission).

Use similar to these 100 Business ideas for online advertising and marketing


Learn more on How to Promote your business Online

If you have a website or separate blog for your business then you have infinite opportunities to get leads for your services via it.

Though, you can still use lots of means on the Internet to publicize your business without a website. For an example, you can list your business free at Google Places. The latter is one of a free advertising services offered by Google


You can also use paid advertising services offered by hundreds of ad networks on the Internet. You can opt for CPC, CPA, CPM based popular ways to advertise any business on the Internet.


Another successful technique to market any business online is to get registered free on popular online business forums where you can market your services in front of the millions of users.

Top 10 Social Networking Sites for Business





If you include the above mentioned methods and resources in your marketing plan then you can reach a very large target audience where you could find really good leads and sales for it.

If you want to dive dipper in the online advertising and marketing field then i would suggest you to regularly read these outstanding blogs which are mainly based on content marketing.


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